Sunday, April 26, 2009


these are people that i know and they are my friends.

you know who you are,

terima kasih, kawan-kawan.

mint: been through a splendid year with them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

aku tak salah

Lewat ini selera makan aku makin baik. Hari ini aku mengambil beras untuk makan siang dan 2 kali makan dinner. Tidak lupa roti yang penuh dengan sayur segar dari subway untuk tea-time. Heaven. Sangat indah, mungkin bahagia.

aku bahagia??

Masalah aku banyak tapi aku suka berlakon macam seorang pesakit amnesia. Pretend yang aku selalu hilang ingatan akibat trauma di depan kawan-kawan memang best. kamu semua jangan mudah tertipu ya, memori aku long-term! Mengingati bahagian pertanian dalam buku teks kemahiran hidup tingkatan 3 bukan masalah bagi aku. Lagipun kelas itu seronok kata sharul azhan, cikgu KH kami suka membaca novel-novel dewasa yang kulitnya 18SX. Mereka didalam kelas suka menjeling novel-novel itu ketika sibuk memateri alat musik yang berlampu LeD. Tapi aku tidak, sebab ketika itu aku belum baligh. eh.. Lupa nak kenalkan Sharul Azhan tu rakan kelas aku sejak darjah 3 hingga la tingkatan 5. Bibir dia serupa Angelina Jolie tapi dia tak HOT sebab aku lagi bijak dari dia. dan juga hot. bijak dan hot! ya betul.

Berbalik pada krisis makan aku, exam week bukanlah suspek utama dalam masalah ini. Lagipun nota-nota kuliah itu bukannya sedap dimakan. Boleh sembelit nanti. Tandas di Exam Hall tu pun bukan serupa di KLCC. Tidak bagus untuk sebarang investment. So aku tak galakkan kamu semua makan lecture note.

Aku juga tidak depresi melihat makanan DS di kolej ini. Namun aku seronok tengok muka kawan-kawan di DS yang kecewa memakan nasi goreng kenduri gotong royong. Ada yang kata ini SUMPAHAN MISTER S. aku no comment. Pokok blok D yang tumbang tu pun tak boleh salahkan dia juga. Kalau kamu semua mahu tempat tinggal yang selesa dan makanan enak, sewa saja di Boulevard Hotel dekat MidValley tu. Bayar RM1 sahaja kalau mahu ke kelas. Murah kan?

Tapi aku dapat rasakan krisis selera makan aku ni akan berakhir. Naluri aku jarang silap. Makan 6 kali sehari membuatkan aku rasa dekat dengan bumi. hissshhh... Ketika minum air laici tadi, aku rasa aku gemuk. Gemuk dan hot bukan kombinasi yang baik. Jadi krisis selera makan yang melampau ini akan berhenti mulai esok. aku janji. kalau aku tipu, kamu boleh marah zaffy.

Aku makan ini untuk Pre-Breakfast pukul 2.45 pagi tadi.

teka-teki: makan katne ni?

mint: nasik papakau + air laici feel dia macam makan masakan jepun kat hawaii.

Friday, April 24, 2009

rasa macam dah tamat

been through this week by wasting my time scanning all the notes with my sleepless eyes. when i look at a mirror, i can see a crack panda with a short-term memory wishing that he had a time machine called "mesin-JAM-bang-ang". pfftt.. i'll be happy if i can turn the clock back to the time when i was in kindergarden and fix everything. ya i really meant this, EVERYTHING. 


ABSURD!! i know it's merepek but everyone hates history anyway. if the cashier at the 4th alumni koperasi can talk fluently i believe he would be agree that the future is much more sweeter.

i was succesfully recovered from flu+fever, however my brain is not perfectly stable yet so don't blame me if u caught me smiling and talking without any reasonable purpose. 


status: sedang chatting ketika post ni di buat

23rd April 2009 was tiring. 2 killer papers on the same day really make my kidney jumping. hurm.. i will spend my next 3 hours packing everything and send it home. should i post all my books & wardrobe using courier?

mint: nak pakai setem berapa sen ek?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hari ni rabu

3 down!

4 pula menanti...

mintexamiology: penat; mau tido.

Friday, April 17, 2009


i slept at 7:30 this morning after a long lonely night. and i just found out that ali cafe 5 in 1 gave a really big impact to my body. it can prevent me to fall asleep and make me higher. ding dong.. it's true because i will sleep after dawn when i drink that kopi. maybe all the nocturnal creature love this coffee.


semua orang tgh tido,

dush... you can't sleep now!

while reading the bio cell text book, i spent a lot of time at the plant cell wall part. cell wall is not like our wall, it's for the cell. i should paint my wall like a plant wall soon, gonna tell akmal about this. so i decided to google about cell wall and i found this picture;


mint-E: wall-E kiut tapi batch saya ada org nama mohd E. satu floor dgn radzi D100 4th RC UM.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

kerepek ubi pedas maju enterprise

i managed to overcome the most pathetic problem in my life and succesfully to make a desicion and choose between study or sleeping. yeah... study is just same like diet, hard and it won't make you smile. however, it taste sweet at the end. *shruged*.. mine? there are a LOTS to be cover up for my upcoming exam and i was left faaarrrrrrr behind. lols

tut tut tut man...

i hope i'll be extremely busy study for my exam throughout this study week. saya mau bungkus sama ini lappy taruh dlm kotak pastu kunci. but i still will go online during my free time. so less YM, facebook and also bloging.

as some of you may know, i have a difficulty to wake up early in the morning. hence i need your help to give me a wake up call especially in the exam week.

ni jadual exam aku;

20th April 2009
- HUBUNGAN ETNIK (11:30am)

21st April 2009
- TITAS (3:oopm)

23rd April 2009
- BIOLOGY OF CELL (3:00pm)

28th April 2009

2nd May 2009

*as you can see i have 2 double papers in one day and its the hardest subject for this sem. damn.. but the nice thing is there is no exam for my presentation skill subject yeah!!!

tttuuuutttt tttuuuutttt tuuuutttt maaaannnnn....

insidemint: i heard and saw all my text books are moving and talking when i'm sleeping.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

woi p mandi la

the day was furious
it went so fast
but me; not a shape-shifter
silent, alien and
slow as always

tik tok tik tok

i'm waiting for tomorrow
can't wait and meet

i miss you..

mintfuckingminded: can anyone fix the shower?? they need to bath ASAP.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

thank you TUTORS!!

gagaga... gonna give a shout out "THANK YOU yaa..." to my beloved PA for the drug last night. its a very strong one till it can make me lalok like damn flyin. argh..persetan as long it can 'tame' the wild headache in my stomach. gagaga again... *dancing in my room* worried about my condition, my friends ask me to sleep early. thats the time i realized that i got a very nice bed. a large/comfort/heaven bed. you can't find one like this at ikea. (just come to 4rcUM)

*dreaming (bout hamsters singing)

that drug was so powerful and make me woke up at 9 a.m. & rushed to library for my last KKM lecture. pfftt...thank god all my assignment was completed and gagaga again this morning. went back to my room and get ready for my s&t lecture at 3 p.m.


my last s&t lecture is so different. there are so many people coming (actually they're expecting for some tips & got nothing hahaha). i was so surprised because radzi & afiq was there too. its so hard to gather everyone in one class lately. so all of us bitching like we haven't met for centuriessss.

yo it's afiq signing his attendance all by himself.
it was a very rare event to look at wo!

so it's the last lecture for this semester. gonna put all the efforts on follow the note and focus in the lecture.

however it won't last too long. last lecture TOO BORING!!!!

(l-r) mra, phiphi, ena, ME, afiq, radzi

you have to wait till the devils(this is phiphi not us) come out!



ok student! class end. you can dismissed now..

(semua bangun dgn sopan)
terima kasih che wan jasimah!
kami mau A paper ni.

so as usual, its wednesday evening, time for some outing season. yabedabedu...

we plan to go to mid and wait for the rapidKL.

we wait,
wait a lil bit longer...

damn...ok cancelled.
we go by car. pffttt...

tadaaa..the main plan is watching movie and this time it was this movie

we planned to watch it at 7.30 and not so long after that, syaf & tiqa come and joined us in the theater. yadayada.. its so absolutely fast.

here are some of the random photos taken;

i guess this is the last time i'll lepak with those genetic girls so xoxo then go home read those cute text books!

till then,

mint si penjual tiket wayang: yo don't forget the tickets ya....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

yehaaa!! it's over.

currently in hubungan etnik's lecture. just finished my last presentation and it feel so damn good! i'm sitting beside mira & ena and make this entry while they doing some camwhore activity.

i'm hot, they're not!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


let start this entry with a sound of "tut-tut-tut". for those who still can't figure out what it really is, it's the name of my phone. yeah!! but you will never listen to that sound again because my phone was dead. yadayada... we're facing a problem called La Nina here in UM where its raining everytime you're planning something great. eh!

this is how the tut-tut-tut gone, it's raining while i'm preparing for the heartsringers charity walk at the varsity. doing those works under the rain really make me felt like rihanna ela-ela (make some MV with syahmi kihkih) until i was forgot where i put my phone.

i screamed "tut-tut-tut, ko katne?" and found him at the field puddle. huhuhu.. the only phone i had was totally wet. damn.. i can't even switch it on! 

....... ek!

i called my parent immediately (credit for akmal for using his phone credits) and told them what happened to tut-tut-tut. "mak & abah, hp orang masuk ayaq! it's totally wet and i'm 100% positive that it has been struck by the lighting too!". huhuhu... "jgn lupa bank in duit ya!!"

now i'm preparing some budget plan to get a new phone!

which one?? jom shopping hp!!!
i wish i could find some water-resist phone. leh blagak mermaid diva byk credit.

mintmoment: still remember the time mandi with abg acap, aqil and kalai too! hikhik...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

gotta let my ass fly

today is the new day of April, when i look back what i've done last month its make me feel miserable. nothings that can be proud of except the night of MAB and my presentation skill class. pfftt.. i done my last presentation yesterday and thanks aqil for the pendrive and my fellows classmate for the 10 minutes dejavu session. having a great semester with those people especially mr.mahesan really wider my way to get another A. yehaa...

i woke up at 12 noon today and been lahar by akmal the whole day. he warned me not to waste my teenage life on my bed. katil aku sgt best lahanat!! so i decided go to KLCC! the journey was teribble, don't you ever-ever go to a place like KLCC via putra while looking so good. sharing a train with a super massive crowd office workers really make the train slower. damn.. its fucking late!

i met my sister there. we planned to have a dinner together after her job done. so i spend about 10 minutes at rotiboy, 20 minutes at Zara and 5 minutes looking at the cookies at famous amos while waiting for her sneaking out from her office. i had craving for those fishes from manhattan so we went there for dinner. we chatted about 2 hours woo...

i'm really tired so i wanna go back to um early and on my way back, i got a call from akmal , "min, blikan aku maggi kari meletop ek". damn.. pagi tadi bkn main duk caras aku skrg sruh aku cari maggi kat KLCC plak. so what to do then obey his order and went to cold storage. naa...

many people always said this to me,

"awak shopping di Cold Storage? pasti awak sungguh handsome!!"


mintbass: naaa....