Thursday, October 30, 2008


tarikh-tarikh penting yach,

4th November (11.30am)
- Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan

5th November (3.00pm)
- Life Process

6th November (11.30am)
- Basic Chemistry 1

7th November (3.00pm)
- Biology Organisms

12th November (8.30am)
- History & Philosophy of Science


p/s: oleh kerana kini kadar metabolism diri ini sangat rendah yang boleh menyebabkan hibernasi yang terlampau dah gejala bernafas melalui mulut yang sangat kronik, saya meminta jasa baik anda semua untuk mengejutkan saya untuk bangun pagi. cukuplah dengan sekadar wake-up-call.  jasamu dikenang..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

air-cond kat library rosak!!

what a day..

left my room at 7.54 am & get back at 6.00 pm

me sleep till 9 p.m.


look at my sony-mony-hp & gedabak-lappy,

and saw them..

alyza hj yusuff

tajul asyraf

afiq roslan

amira mastura

sanizam rosli

firstly thanks for your messages which keep me happy!

wish all the best for the upcoming exam.

i know you guys can make it more spendid like the past.

for those that gonna be a doctor, haha.. play hard guys!!

eh, there are one similarity between them,

they are MY BESTIES!

pray for all your succes!



Sunday, October 19, 2008


for me amarah, marah, angry, wrathful or anything similiar to it is an interesting feeling. some people try their best to avoid it but there are also some who like to be in it. me? i'm not noble enough from not to be angry. like last week, there are so many amarah in me (kinda hate this type of energy). i was mad with my life, people around me and even myself. wonder why some people are easy to get angry. hurm... anyway we're not an angel right?

i went to KPS yesterday to do some printing. its a really big long queue (there are about 10 people infront of me in the line waiting to print their thesis). looking at the akak-cc-KPS from far really make me keep thinking to print my assignment or not. maybe you guys should look at her picture. ( i snap it while waiting for my turn. penantian yang lama dan lambat ).

see! she have that look for the rest of the day, i mean everyday. its true sometime we don't everlike our job. perhaps everyone should learn how to channel their 'amarah' to other nice-type-of-energy.

the great one is the power of smiling! smiling can hide your amarah & even able to reducing it.
so my friend, learn to smile!

a week after the eid holiday, i have an interpreneuship day for my APK paper waiting for me at um.pergh... a lot of works! be a lack-of-business-knowledge leader for a first time could be preety hectic for me.added with 'some' trouble groupmate who just make it worst. its difficult for me to work with people who angry at each other. but in the end of the day, able to make them calm and work as a family really make me happy. thanks god i have that talent and them as my groupmates. *wink.. beside the ukhwah is getting greener in us, we gain a lot of profits! i repeat here a lot..thats the important thing.. profit-making activities could make anyone happy! (sorry guys juz kiddin)

le gardenie'

p/s: i love the big green note! $$$$$

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

arini raya yeah...

today is 1st SYAWAL!
balik solat sunat raya
tros makan
then tido...
sampai malam!
tunggu 2nd SYAWAL start lak....