Monday, December 21, 2009

almost been kissed

mint: fuuhhh... dalam hutan pulak tu.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gelombang google

I have 32 Invitations left.

Sape nak angkat tangan!!!!!

mint: pebenda ntah...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

apabila soalan diberi, aku keluarkan statement!

Bila ada sorang rakan anda yang hitam bertanyakan soalan
KawanHitamLegam: wei bro, ko ni dah ... ?
(ini soalan)

dan aku berikan jawapan dalam bentuk
(ini statement)

ok. chaw dulu.
pagi ni nak ke kL cousin aku kawen.
hot tak baju ni?

mint: ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

kasihan sama loe


wei esok pagi aku kena sembelih!!

tahan teksi cepat! larik...............

ok la geng, I balik teluk intan petang ni naik unta.
Agak2 sempat tak sampai seblom solat raya pagi esok?

Pada yang nak balik kampung tu, berhati-hati lah di jalan raya.
Kang x pasai anda lak yang terkorban di pagi raya yang mulia ini.

mint: the time now is 4:17 pm, I'll be leaving at 6 pm. Sampai rumah malam ni kena tukar langsir dulu~

jom balik kampung

Selamat Hari Raya

mint: I will be eating meat for the next 14 days.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


after the horrible 4 weeks

the brain mass is reducing

the weight is uprising; higher

the smile was getting more real

the biological clock was fixed

the social circle is wider

just because


but yet the HOT factor still remains in me.

mint: yeee.... selesai. jom berlibur?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

read: untuk kamu sahabatku

The truth is; I think I have being a very FAKE person when I think, see, meet and talk about you. This is not including some scene in my dream. For me its okay to feel that way because I think you are way worst than that!

Can anyone tell me what kind of person who call you a "friend" when you're the ONLY person they can reach at that particular time? That is the time when you will be upgraded from Nobody to the World Great BFF. fuck off. Maybe I'm not so bright like sufiah yusuf and have a high IQ to realized that you're actually using me for your own good. damn fuck again.

I know the earth is rotating and so do time. At first I though you're changing but when I opened all the history book about our conversations and the time we spent together, I finally know the REAL you! pathetic and ugly; trying so hard to chase something you want. I know life is short and you'll do whatever it takes to get what you need but thats not the way bongok!

This is not a matter of jealousy or be the best but I'm scared if other people which you called 'FRIENDS' will get hurt like me. I am fine to be like this; forgetting you is a easy job. But please don't you ever come near me and act like everything is normal just like yesterday. or else I will kill myself and make you feel sorry for the the rest of your forsaken life. I really meant this ye.

I always forgive you. and I'm tired of forgiving.

So thank you for recognizing my existence and be my friend since then.
aku berambus~

mint: deleting something from the friend list.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

trick or threat

Someone is threating me and the funny part is that person is someone I called a geek before. freaking huh? I would never expect he will did something like that. Its not just a matter of life and death but friendship wei.

*faints* ok move on.

Last night I had a really weird dream; about my future probably. The setting is somewhere around New York and I was 23 or 24 at that time. I'm not having a life like Chuck Bass there, apparently more basic but yet I live at Upper East side of New York. Working as MTV owner and having a hot wife and 5 kids was not easy ok.

wow! 5 kids at 23 years old?
That means..I have to start looking for a wife like, now?
(bukak facebook)


mintMcDreamy: I just found out that my dreams are in COLOURS and not BLACK & WHITE. nice huh? Instead focusing on my study now I'm doing my research on dream interpretation.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brain in that rocket


It's difficult to be a sexy and a good looking hot guy on the same time.


fokus wei... fokus...


Tahniah kepada diri ini. The mission to hide my lappy charger was successful, and now I can't remember where i put that thing.


ok! less facebook. less twitter. less youtube. less redtube haha... less ym. less less less or even better stop.


to all the bloggers out there especially to wawa, enjoy your study week!

mintTheMommyBoy: I woke up this morning with the IQ level below 25 and now i'm heading to teluk intan. daaa....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ko babi ko babi

wei ko nak tau tak?

ko ni kan

sangat lah


Ko ingat perangai ko
macam RATU BABI tu
orang suka sangat ke?

-pasni leh feeling miss world lak-

waktu siang bukan main lagi pemalu mengalahkan
perempuan melayu terakhir,
malam je otometik ko transform jadi camtu ek.

cantik sangat ke ko huh?
leh lawan christina ricci tu?

walaupun muka I sedikit babi,
tapi fashion I updated from New York ok!


Aku tetap nak panggil ko

walaupun ko ni

seekor TIKUS

Tikus-tikus lahanat tu makan roti cinnamon yang aku belum makan lagi.
huhuhu... babi babi babi babi babi~

mintLOVEzooLOgy: I'll come back to my hometown during the study week. Gonna get some berkat dan pocket money from my parents. and also bring back the rodensia poison. matilako tikus shaiton.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

random AFC fhutus

these are some of the pictures from the final concert.
no caption provided; so happy viewing!

mintPegawaiLantai: trimas bebanyak to all the afc committees for all the hard works. +__+

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

living in a circus

Just like last night; we are the clown

The clowns doesn't sing this song:-

But when the show over, they will HATE you. REMEMBER THIS!

mintTHEClown: now I am the freak in the cage.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who will be shining more tonight?

Siapakah antara mereka berlima ini yang akan mengondol hadiah kemenangan beribu ribu ringgit dan juga kupon makan di kedai kak yah?

These are the final contestants;




Sher Lynn


YOU must you come to the grand finale tonight and do vote for them and
choose the winner.


dorang ni pun mai gak..






We will also have performances like Jai Ho and Poker Face from the AFC committees. matila aku pecah lobang show malam ni~

Mr.Mint: I'll handling the flow of the floor tonight. Jangan lupa datang ya.. Sedang mendengar Faizal membuat marathon lagu siti sebanyak 3 album platinum.