Sunday, May 31, 2009

to jog or not to jog

I woke up very early today around 5 in the morning. After subuh i saw my mom wearing WANITA UMNO's shirt and grab her car's key.

me: its still early. where you wanna go?

mom: i've a poco poco class at the tower. instructor of the day!

me: hurm.. nak ikot!!!!

mom: hurry up. just change your shirt and don't wear that ralph lauren's perfume.

me: mom, do you get pay for the session?? and why you wearing that "wanita umno" shirt???

mom: *silent* i'll drop you at the padang there.

me: nak seploh hengget. i want my mcD breakfast.

mom: you're so fat now. RM10 for 10kg.

me: pffttt...

it's 6.45 a.m. and there are already many people there. ok what should i do now? the last time i went to jog was 6 months ago at the campus. yup 6 months ago at the bkt chenta where all the educated munkeys live. 

me: why you looks so kerek huh berok??

munkeys: (laga-laga siku sesama mereka)

those berok chased me?? nothing happen then.. *gulp*

sundaymint: having mcD for breakfast yo!

tribute for big bro

i kept this entry in my draft since last april so i wanna publish it now. this entry is specially for 


Where should i start this?? hurm.. Kali pertama jumpa semasa MKB dalam bilik seminar dan ketika itu aku dalam proses evolusi berbalik ke bentuk berok (jgn tanya kenapa). Dia sedang asyik dengan DSLR dan mengambil gambar ketika itu. so i thought he was paid by Encik Syed by doing that job. argh.. pedulikan.

2 3 hari selepas itu aku nampak dia terdampar di aras D200 and that was the time i found out that we are actually floormate. He share the same room with my pm aqil & also hafiz. Mungkin juga takdir dimana dia juga merupakan ajk jkpai dan juga bekas prospek. that make the network become more narrow. banyak juga yang aku dengar pasal dia ni dari senior2 tapi itu semua pffttt... bosan!

Ingat lagi pada satu hari aku pergi mencari hafiz di bilik dan ketika itu hanya abg acap berada di situ. Tak manis kalau terus blah so try la lepak jap dengan dia. hihihi... banyak juga la yang di bincang & we had a long talked and laughed. so boleh disimpulkan, perbualan bersama dia memang akan membuatkan diri terhibur. gagaga...

The best part is he able to make me happy or even stoned. pelik kan?? mungkin sebab aku tak faham diri dia. dia boleh jadi happy tiba-tiba, crazee anytime he want and also emo like a hehhehe.. so kadang-kadang interaksi itu perlukan motif yang rasional sebab takut it will ended so wrong! hurm... aku tak percaya sama itu age-gap sebab ada je pakcik-makcik kat 4th ni yang macam budak-budak bila cakap dgn diorang. gonna tell you what, senior macam ni memang best.

tapi tu dulu,

there is also a devil happily live inside of him. pergh... aku merupakan junior mangsa buli dia yang paling tegar dan juga tabah. maybe sebelum ni dia tak penah merasa ada junior yang hot macam itu chuck bass so i always been his favourite one. damn... dulu selalu gak terasa tapi when time goes by, aku makin immune ngan segala yang keluar dari mulut dia. kihkihkih...

he is also a type of philosopher sebab boleh buat org terkesima ewah dengan perkara-perkara yang dia katakan. i'll learn a lot from him when we been dragged into some intelectual conversation. memang seronok kalo you can handle what he said. *giggle! i think i'll never get mad with him cos he usually do the joke and make you laugh. he got his own style how to comforts everyone else.

eh banyak dah ni.

did i mentioned that he getting older?? yang pasti tua lagi dari aku!

projek blindfolded ketika hujan.

mangsa yang semakin tua

nak jerit!

the semester is coming to the end but i hope it's not for everything. 
for asyraffaiz, good luck for whatever in your future and i believe nothing can't stop you from become asyraf matahari the great. always a great friend, brother and also as a person.


mintTOacap: i'm hot. you're cool. cooler than peti ais DS.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

mayday mayday.. its over!

hey bloggers, here i am back and not dead yet!

currently i was somewhere here in New York, so don't expect to see me anywhere in malaysia soon. I tak tahan bahang panas sangat. ewah. I live my life here happily away from those sick people back home. Owh.. i can't reply all your sms and missed called here sebab a lil bit costly so just use the im or facebook ok.

I'm not feeling so fine now, more weak i guess. I caught out with fever and positively sure its not the oink oink flu cos i'm not cute like them. But i noticed that i gaining some weight and my face become more pale till Ejam & Afiq told that i look more like Edward Cullen. Last week i met afiq and ejam. We were at kmpp visiting some old friends.

This evening i went to 5th avenue to find some cheap mangga cos my mom wanna prepare rojak buah for our dinner since my brother will visit us tonight. On the way back, i saw kim kardashians at the big apple. Guess there all the natural thing she said came from. merepek!

My new friend ask me to spend the rest of the holiday at the hamptons since many of those upper eastsidder spend their summer at the rehab. My neighbour who have a cocain problem was currently in the rehab called the reboungge (mcm nama restaurant kat bangsar tu). She's the one who told me that susan boyle was in the american idol. Maybe my parent should send me to rehab also cos i always see my kitten possessed by some spirit called tanten brata. seram wei.. but nobody believe me and they say i have cocain problem. hurmn...

I'll be back to school on July and hope i would not bring those oink oink flu to UM and spread it there.

mintflenza: nasi lemak oink oink sedap woo...