Wednesday, December 31, 2008

forgive and forget

my new entry is all about my new resolution. its "forgive and forget"!

recently i got a lot of responses about my last blog entry. people keep asking me what is actually happen, who is she, do they know them n bla bla bla..

come on guys, there is nothing important about what was happened and i just wanna move on with my life.

MOVE ON seriously!

maybe there are "those" out there who are offended about how i react lately. so i just wanna to apologize if i done something wrong.


there are 5 hours more and then we are going into a new new year, new resolution!for "those" out there, i just wanna say i'm sorry again. really sorry. thats all.

pasni nak pi tgk bunga api! sapa nk ikot??

Saturday, December 20, 2008

hey slut!

For today I think I wanna make an entry about somebody I know here in UM.

On the first time I met her, I thought she is just ‘all right’ and not harmful because physically she looks kinda smart but I seem like I was totally wrong bout that.

I have been working with her on some projects for several times now. it is easy to work with her at first but when the times pass by; I think everyone can smell her bitchness come out slowly and slowly. It’s pathetic looking on her lame way seeking for popularity.

Sometimes she was look very in pain when she cried to get some sympathy from the bosses and it was so stupid to look at. What a perfect combination of loser; trying so hard to become somebody.


I’m still remember when we are working on an assignment where I suppose to be her leader. yaa… the job was done but she do it on the opposite way and as the result, in the end of the day, she was successfully put all the team in trouble. Hurm..such a troublemaker.


Some firm directive must be use on this kind of person in case if they want to show their bitchness. I’m 100% positively sure you will be puke if you see her face when she was talking to me. It’s full of denial. The way she grinned at me are so filthy just like I was some kind of mentally retarded kid and I’m keep wondering if there are some frogs leaping inside of her brain.


When she done her job or other say thanks of what she was doing, she’ll do whateva it takes begging for more credits. OMG!! Now I’m really can’t understand her more because her reaction towards me is changing probably due to the PMS.

Her: hi amin! (smiling)

Me: hi! (smile back)

Her: ko boleh pergi jauh skit tak, aku nak duk sini.



 There was a time when I was talking to 2 of my friends and she was around. When it came to my turn to talk, I was rudely hushed by her. These were the lines:

Me: betul! (showing my aye in the discussion). Korang tau tak…

Her: husssshhhhhh…. Ko leh diam tak? Ni tempat aku la!!

Me: ko ni kenape?? (look at her face which is same like a toilet bowl)


I am a kind of person that hates being hushed! Nak aku senyap boleh. but don't you ever hush me, I can be more bitchier than you are!!


I got no problem with you before, but clearly you do.


So dear, next time mind your own business first!

Monday, December 1, 2008

working monday morning

i'm so HAPPY with my LiFe now!
(to be more precise the tasks and the people)

though i have to put my plastic mask on