Wednesday, December 31, 2008

forgive and forget

my new entry is all about my new resolution. its "forgive and forget"!

recently i got a lot of responses about my last blog entry. people keep asking me what is actually happen, who is she, do they know them n bla bla bla..

come on guys, there is nothing important about what was happened and i just wanna move on with my life.

MOVE ON seriously!

maybe there are "those" out there who are offended about how i react lately. so i just wanna to apologize if i done something wrong.


there are 5 hours more and then we are going into a new new year, new resolution!for "those" out there, i just wanna say i'm sorry again. really sorry. thats all.

pasni nak pi tgk bunga api! sapa nk ikot??

Saturday, December 20, 2008

hey slut!

For today I think I wanna make an entry about somebody I know here in UM.

On the first time I met her, I thought she is just ‘all right’ and not harmful because physically she looks kinda smart but I seem like I was totally wrong bout that.

I have been working with her on some projects for several times now. it is easy to work with her at first but when the times pass by; I think everyone can smell her bitchness come out slowly and slowly. It’s pathetic looking on her lame way seeking for popularity.

Sometimes she was look very in pain when she cried to get some sympathy from the bosses and it was so stupid to look at. What a perfect combination of loser; trying so hard to become somebody.


I’m still remember when we are working on an assignment where I suppose to be her leader. yaa… the job was done but she do it on the opposite way and as the result, in the end of the day, she was successfully put all the team in trouble. Hurm..such a troublemaker.


Some firm directive must be use on this kind of person in case if they want to show their bitchness. I’m 100% positively sure you will be puke if you see her face when she was talking to me. It’s full of denial. The way she grinned at me are so filthy just like I was some kind of mentally retarded kid and I’m keep wondering if there are some frogs leaping inside of her brain.


When she done her job or other say thanks of what she was doing, she’ll do whateva it takes begging for more credits. OMG!! Now I’m really can’t understand her more because her reaction towards me is changing probably due to the PMS.

Her: hi amin! (smiling)

Me: hi! (smile back)

Her: ko boleh pergi jauh skit tak, aku nak duk sini.



 There was a time when I was talking to 2 of my friends and she was around. When it came to my turn to talk, I was rudely hushed by her. These were the lines:

Me: betul! (showing my aye in the discussion). Korang tau tak…

Her: husssshhhhhh…. Ko leh diam tak? Ni tempat aku la!!

Me: ko ni kenape?? (look at her face which is same like a toilet bowl)


I am a kind of person that hates being hushed! Nak aku senyap boleh. but don't you ever hush me, I can be more bitchier than you are!!


I got no problem with you before, but clearly you do.


So dear, next time mind your own business first!

Monday, December 1, 2008

working monday morning

i'm so HAPPY with my LiFe now!
(to be more precise the tasks and the people)

though i have to put my plastic mask on

Friday, November 28, 2008

someone new in my room

here he is
sang for me everytime i woke up from hibernation
(my rummate keep playing his song every morning)
a warm wake-up-call


Monday, November 24, 2008

deja boo

time   = 6:15 p.m.
 venue =  Putra Station Majid Jamek


tu la haiwan yang terbayang kat benak 
kepala otak aku ptg tadi.
mak aii.. ramai gila orang kat station putra 
masjid jamek tu.
bezanya antara mereka dgn ikan tu cuma 
mereka pakai tie dan skirt.
frankly, ni la 1st time aku naik LRt time 
waktu climate orang balik kerja.
naik masuk train tu siap kena queue panjang macam nak ambik makanan hari isnin kat DS lak.
kalo nak tau camne keadaan dalam train, 
sila rujuk gambar di atas!


time = 6:30 p.m.
venue = intermediate railway kl sentral - bangsar




dush lagik...

huhuhu... emergency brake 2 times pastu stuck.
ya train itu stuck kat tengah2 railway atas tu.
adeh... deja vu!
hari tu dah stuck, siap kena sondol dengan train kat blakang lagi.
mintak sangat takde train datang dari belakang sebab aku dah pasang niat nak lompat je dari atas train tuh..

hurm..takleh nak watpe.. usha je la aktiviti kat luar jendela train tuh..

nothing happens after 5 minutes,
sementara itu didalam train (ada pasangan yang agak berumur duk sembang pasal 1st date dorg, ada sorang mamat ni plak duk call wife dia konon nak mintak maap la, pastu ada 2 orang akak ni duk sedih2 sebab belum kahwin lagi katanya)

hurm... tak sangka ni la yang orang malaysia fikirkan ketika saat2 hampir maut kononye..

ketika itu sempat buat wanted lists year end megasales nanti..

selepas 20 minutes

ada pakcik tu datang bawak kipas pastu pergi kat depan train.
pergh... dia drive train tu MANUALLY...
walaupun speed lebih kurang 10km/hour je tapi ok la bergerak jugak gedabak tu.
banyak kali train tu stop & sampai kat station university kul 7.00 p.m.

to be continue...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

woke up after a long dormant session..

TO bLOG or noT to bloG

to blog or NoT tO BlOG

to  OR  not to


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

special post for my dear tengku zaffy





still wondering?
where? when?

who will be there?

so kak zaf
are u interested?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sundae under pillow




most people spend their sunday by doing something that can make their life become more meaningful. 


ada yang

keluar dating

makan dari pagi sampai midnight

basuh membasuh


ada gak yang study

dan tak lupa juga pada

yang 'high' sepanjang hari..


as usual



tidur memang best!

4 a.m.

5 a.m.

6 a.m.
(bangun subuh jap, aiman datang 
bilik ajak main badminton)

7 a.m.
(sambung tido)

8 a.m.

9 a.m.

10 a.m.

11 a.m.

12 p.m.

12.25 p.m.
(aku terjaga dari tidurku, terjun dari katil terus teringat kat krisis perkahwinan norman-abby)

pastu apa lagi, terus ke ground 
floor la untuk menonton melodi!

berikut adalah antara adegan2 yang dapat ku tonton tengah hari tadi,

kesian kat abby abadi.. dengar isi hati dia.
kes kahwin cerai artis malaysia sekarang ni dah macam 
kat Hollywood la plak!

habis je cerita mengenai mereka,

i went upstair

go to my room




Thursday, November 6, 2008

mak...orang sejuk la...

i finished my basic chemistry paper on 2p.m. and look at those future biochemists & teachers faces make me realize that we just crushed our life in just 2 hours. its was chill and i'm numb! 

so before the not-so-compliment-letter from UM & my sponsor fly to my parent, perhaps an ASAP nice casual call could be nice.

mak : mcm mana paper tadi?
me : orang takleh wat la..
mak :  kenapa lak??
me : physical & inorganic tu pening..pastu 2 jam dah la tak cukup.
mak : hurm...
me : huh, ambik exam kat DTC memang sejuk! dah la sweater orang dah takda. diulangi DAH TAKDA! (my mom put a chlorox when she washed my bodyglove sweater and what happen to it? nauzubillah!!)
mak : mak tau la. will send some cash next week ye..
me : ek? hari tu pun cakap nak bank in tapi takda pun.
mak : ye la, esok mak suruh abah bank-in.
me : a lot of green note will make me happy.
mak : jangan nak shopping je..spend duit tu elok2 skit.
me : baik bos! mak orang sok ada paper biology lagi!!
mak : boleh A tak?
me : macam senang je nak A mak oii... tengok la what will happen nanti.
mak : sok jawab tu leklok. baca soalan betul2 mesti boleh buat punya... 
me : ok la. assalamualaikum.
mak : salam bye.

pergh..make that call really reduce some guilty in me. now come the most important part for us as biochemist, which is sleep!! ahaks.. i need a short quality nap right now. plus after taken a sinful-lunch could lead me to a lipidless sweetdream.

nite everyone :p

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fundamental of Entrepeneural Cultivation


that is what my lecturer always said.


common sense beb!

there is some reaction occurs in my stomach.
so i can't believe in my guts nor all my senses!

praying for some superhero to save me...
toyol anybody??

Saturday, November 1, 2008

indie @ Jaya One

malam ni pukul 8.30p.m.
Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, PJ.
Palm Square Presents Acoustic Jaya

Azmyl Yunor, Estrella(look for this one) , Ian Chow, Izzy Mohamed, Jasemaine Gan, Jerome Kugan, Joshua Foong, Otam, Paolo Delfino, RendraZawawi, Reza Salleh, Snow Symphony (Nick Davis dan Savy Ho), Tan Sei Hon, Tony Leo Selvaraj, Wani Ardy, dan tetamu istimewa, David Knight dari San Jose, California.

*anybody wanna join me?
  sambil kita berjalan kaki dari 4th RC ke Jaya One, leh kita wat study group.

"aRTS as therapy & drug in LiFe"

Thursday, October 30, 2008


tarikh-tarikh penting yach,

4th November (11.30am)
- Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan

5th November (3.00pm)
- Life Process

6th November (11.30am)
- Basic Chemistry 1

7th November (3.00pm)
- Biology Organisms

12th November (8.30am)
- History & Philosophy of Science


p/s: oleh kerana kini kadar metabolism diri ini sangat rendah yang boleh menyebabkan hibernasi yang terlampau dah gejala bernafas melalui mulut yang sangat kronik, saya meminta jasa baik anda semua untuk mengejutkan saya untuk bangun pagi. cukuplah dengan sekadar wake-up-call.  jasamu dikenang..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

air-cond kat library rosak!!

what a day..

left my room at 7.54 am & get back at 6.00 pm

me sleep till 9 p.m.


look at my sony-mony-hp & gedabak-lappy,

and saw them..

alyza hj yusuff

tajul asyraf

afiq roslan

amira mastura

sanizam rosli

firstly thanks for your messages which keep me happy!

wish all the best for the upcoming exam.

i know you guys can make it more spendid like the past.

for those that gonna be a doctor, haha.. play hard guys!!

eh, there are one similarity between them,

they are MY BESTIES!

pray for all your succes!



Sunday, October 19, 2008


for me amarah, marah, angry, wrathful or anything similiar to it is an interesting feeling. some people try their best to avoid it but there are also some who like to be in it. me? i'm not noble enough from not to be angry. like last week, there are so many amarah in me (kinda hate this type of energy). i was mad with my life, people around me and even myself. wonder why some people are easy to get angry. hurm... anyway we're not an angel right?

i went to KPS yesterday to do some printing. its a really big long queue (there are about 10 people infront of me in the line waiting to print their thesis). looking at the akak-cc-KPS from far really make me keep thinking to print my assignment or not. maybe you guys should look at her picture. ( i snap it while waiting for my turn. penantian yang lama dan lambat ).

see! she have that look for the rest of the day, i mean everyday. its true sometime we don't everlike our job. perhaps everyone should learn how to channel their 'amarah' to other nice-type-of-energy.

the great one is the power of smiling! smiling can hide your amarah & even able to reducing it.
so my friend, learn to smile!

a week after the eid holiday, i have an interpreneuship day for my APK paper waiting for me at um.pergh... a lot of works! be a lack-of-business-knowledge leader for a first time could be preety hectic for me.added with 'some' trouble groupmate who just make it worst. its difficult for me to work with people who angry at each other. but in the end of the day, able to make them calm and work as a family really make me happy. thanks god i have that talent and them as my groupmates. *wink.. beside the ukhwah is getting greener in us, we gain a lot of profits! i repeat here a lot..thats the important thing.. profit-making activities could make anyone happy! (sorry guys juz kiddin)

le gardenie'

p/s: i love the big green note! $$$$$

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

arini raya yeah...

today is 1st SYAWAL!
balik solat sunat raya
tros makan
then tido...
sampai malam!
tunggu 2nd SYAWAL start lak....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today is my mom's birthday.
and i send her a new perfume..
she is the best!
just want her to be happy.
love my mom,

um - cheras - mid vall - kerinchi

aku mulakan hari ni dgn perasaan gusar takut x dapat pi meeting ngan big apple. at last shev tiqa radzi n ain ikut gak pi ofis big apple kat cheras. what??? cheras? katne tuh? adeh.. punya la susah nk cari teksi um yg leh pi cheras..tapi demi kawan2 le gardenie, aku terpaksa guna secret weapon aku yakni my sex appeal.huhu..selepas 2 minit akhirnya ku berjaya menyakinkan seorang uncle bwak kitorg pi sana.

sampai je kat bandar mahkota cheras tu mmg sume org jadi blur! pergh... mcm the apprentice lak. cuak gak masuk first corporate meeting tapi ok la everyone did their best.

"business-partner" ku dlm board room big apple!

meeting ngan mr.simon tu goin smooth la n its fun gak..

balik dari cheras, kitorg call uncle tadi tu sruh hantar p serdang naik ktm nk balik KL. balik tu singgah mid valley sat nak shoppin skit2...

time aku tgh syok shoppin, tetiba ada suara yg menyapa " miiiinnnnntttt.......". aik mcm ku kenal jek!

sempat gak snap gamba time leng keja... p/s: time ni tgh sale.kalo x caye leh la tgk papan tanda merah kat blakang tu...

pergh...sempat lagi bdk leng ni kerja kat metrojaya tu ek. (utk makluman leng merupakan rakan kuliah ku semasa di kmpp dan kini melanjutkan study nya dlm bidang optometry di ukm). ok la dia leh kerja skrg ukm cuti lagipun leng ni bkn sambut raya pun. tapi best la dpt jumpa member slalu duk wat bising dlm lecture hall...

balik tu singgah p kerinchi den tros p bazar kat stesen U. aku nyaris mati ptg tadi sebab terlibat dlm pergaduhan antara perniaga bawang dan penjual roti john (kira persaingan sihat gak la). takut gak tgk sampai berdarah2 tapi time tu aku duk gelak2 jek... nape la dorg ni bodoh sgt gado psl berebut jawatan ketua unit usahawan balai raya vista angkasa tu ja. adeh...

sampai 4th mlm tu aku tros tido psl letih sgt jalan2...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Balik Kg Countdown : 4 hours more
Raya Countdown : 4 days more
Final Exam Countdown : uncountable...
last update: 12:05pm / 26th sept

Thursday, September 18, 2008

donut oh donut....

hari ni aku happy sangat!
proposal aku diterima
and aku dapat
deal jual DONUTS!!!

so korang jgn lupa support
aku ngan members le gardenie' ek!
belilah DONUTS kitorg...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

jatuh dan jatuh lagi...

i have a weird weekend last week. actually i dunno how to describe it, am i happy or not. i was trapped in my own room for the whole day in saturday. hurm...yelar i woke up at 1pm and it was rainning n there are nothing to do. huhuhu...

so like usual, i'll log in to my frienster to see what happened to all my friends. when i looked at mira's page, i saw she added a new friend. met le call her new friend as 'sang gadis'.

actually 'sang gadis' is my friendster's friend too and in the real life she is my tuition-mate. i never spoke to her before this. i knew her since i was 17 when i was taken physic tuition. be honest, i have a crush on her..ya i'm 'jatuh cinta' with her for the last 3 years and nobody know bout it. ehem..i'm really in love!

when i saw her at the exam hall last week, i told to mira all bout 'sang gadis'. mira asked me to talk to 'sang gadis'. hurm.. its has been 3 years already and i still dunno how to 'speak' to her. they said i was pathetic..

so for the 1st time, i brave myself and ask for her ym id. and guess what, i got it. so tunggu apa lagi, add lor..haha...on that evening, i chat with her, for 3 hours woo... quite unbelievable right for the 1st time chatting. but after that 3 hours, she didn't reply to my im and then log off, hurm...perhaps she already bored with me.... huhu....

i shut down my lappy n went to sleep...

at 5.30pm i woke up and look at my ym and saw there is a im from 'sang gadis'. she said 'i'm sorry bcoz didn't reply to ur msg. there was some wireless problem. its fun chatting with u'. pergh...i'm so happy that time.

because i was so happy, i keep smiling for the next 30 minutes until i 'jatuh tangga' after taken my food for berbuka. aduh... i broke my nail and its really hurt beb. my friend scolded me and said 'tu la ko,kalo naik tangga tu jangan senyum lebih-lebih.kan dah jatuh..'. haha..its ok for me if i 'jatuh' all over again because sometime its fun if we are 'jatuh'. then i chat with her again for 2 hours that night and 4 hours on the next morning..that time i dun realize anything about time and don't care bout it.hehe...

izzit too late if i say that i jatuh with sang gadis again?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

weekend yg sunyi & pengalaman part-time

smlm blog ni wat hal sampai aku kena edit segala galanya...edit punya edit,tgk2 jam dah kul 6 pagi, cpt2 p solat subuh den tido...zzzz...bgn tgk jam dah kul 1pm. pastu tak buat pape pun sbb hari ni kat 4th ni bkn ada org ,so duk dlm bilik je online den lipat baju..time online tu terchat la dgn member si ijat tuh..hurm..dia keje kat al-fresco lagi..borak2 sambil tu wat teknik imbas kembali time aku keje tahun lepas pas SPM. oleh itu aku nk paste blk post aku aritu..

Atas permintaan ramai (eh sebenarnya sorang je yg buat permintaan, Cik Siti kita…hehehe) aku nak citer ckit la psal kije part time aku yg tak semengah ni…aku bekerja part time waiter kat satu restoren western ni….(baru taip restoren aku dah lapor)…tau-tau je la keje amik order ni..mmg banyak sgt kerenah pelangan yg aku dan kawan2 aku dpt…antaranya:

Puji-pujian (sesi kombang)
Biasanya customer puji bila aku kasi offer…memandangkan aku ni cheapskate kelas pertama…aku akan kasi offer paling murah kat customer aku even customer tu kureng hasem/berlagak bagus/etc etc…so dorang (selalu pompuan la) akan puji dan bertetima kasih yg amatz la…aku mmg rasa satisfied bila customer satisfied…tula agaknya customer service

Pelangan gatey (gatal)
yang ni paling banyak….majoritinya melayu la….but i never take them seriusly. Antara ayat2 gatel mereka:

Kes 1
aku : So u nak makan utk berapa org cik?
Pelangan : Jap sy kira…satu…dua..tiga..empat…and masuk u sekali 5
aku: cheh

Kes 2
dah habis amik order
aku : Thank you…have a nice day
Pelangan : tahnk you je…boleh kasi no phone tak?
CSR : (dlm hati: mangkuk nko la)

Kes 3
pelangan : suara you ni mcm dlm radio la..sedap
aku: thank you sir (dlm hati: org dah puji belasah je la labu)

Pelangan cheapskate/kelakar

Kes 1
aku dah amik order bagai ni
aku : Sir that would be RM 70.00. Would u like us to bring change for 100?
Pelangan : Ha (dgn riak terkujut) kena bayar ke?…sy ingat guna kupon ni free..
aku : (dlm hati, sabor je la aku pakcik ni)..Encik, Kat mesia ni masuk tandas pun kena bayar encik
Pelangan : Kalu cam tu kensel la dik

Kes 2
aku: Kak nak air coke ke sprite?
Pelangan : DIk air coke perasa nenas ada tak?
aku: (dlm hati: ada ke coke perisa baru nih?..confius confius)

Pelangan kureng hasam

Kes 1
aku: Mam, we’re sorry, your area is not within our delivery area (rumah dia kita tak wat penghantaran)
Pelanggan : Go to hell la you
aku : Thank you mam (dlm hati: nko la pegi mampus)

Kes 2
Pukul 11 malam, tak leh amik order lagi
aku : I’m sorry mam, our kitchen has already closed. I can’t take order anymore
Pelangan : Like that ar…mmm u have MCDonald no?
aku: Cheh

Kes 3
Belum aku nak welcomekan dia, terus pelangan maki-maki aku tahap cipan
Pelangan : woi lu stupid bla bla bla 5#%46&^&*(&(&*%^$*%^$*#^1346
aku : Yes sir how can i help you
Pelangan : sambung maki hamun seorang waiter ensem+inesen yg tak berdosa…chewah
aku: We apologise for… (padahal tak paham puna pa yg dikomplenkan…sory je la labu..tapi dalam hati aku pun dok maki hamun dia gak….mintak2 la nko kenalanggar bas…hehhehe kejam tak aku?)

penat ar citer pasal keje aku nih, nak pi makan dlu ar! sambung nanti ek!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hari ini

10th september 2008

seperti yg dipost pagi tadi,
hari ni aku rasa lapar, sejuk, SUNYI DAN sakit...
ingatkan mixture of good-sweet things ni akan berakhir tgh hari nanti. but its NOT... memang terasa la diri di torture sejak pagi.

hari ni pergi lab bio awal dlm kul 9.30am dgn harapan dpt buat amali nanti dengan tenang dan sukses. tapi tak sangka, the vice versa program could happened! drag sampai ptg lak tu!

pagi tadi dlm lab ada skit saket kepala la. rasa mcm senggugut tapi kat kepala. nak dgr briefing dr.edah xleh. sampai terdetik niat nk bukak pose mkn panadol lunch nanti.

back into the lab c2.3, hari ni mmg amali yg paling hampeh skali. stakat ni la...
mcm2 la malapetaka yang jadi. mula2 masuk lab, aku radzi ngan mira duk belek2 echinus sp.
time briefing. x sangka lak time duk belek2 tu aku terconteng lak binatang tu. (diulangi TERconteng ek).
ni la Echinus sp. yg menjadi mangsa contenganku

slain tu, aku juga accidently berjaya mematahkan lengan specimen tapak sulaiman (starfish) yg kononnya kental dari sebarang pancaroba!
ni la Asterias sp. or tapak sulaiman patah yg betul2 fragile..

aku jugak ada problem skit ngan Limulus sp. yg juga terkenal dgn nama Belangkas.adeh..binatang ni mmg payah nak lukis la. complex dan baunya mak aii...

horseshoe crab atau belangkas merupakan binatang yg susah dilukis dan berbau..

dan disebabkan itu aku stuck duk lukis belangkas tu lama sgt. mmg waste a lot of time sampai kena ugut ngan tutor lab kalo x submit within 5 minute, i will not get A for the report. hampeh tol, kalo submit awal pun labelling n characteristics tak buat takkan dpt A gak.. so xda pilihan submit je report yg incomplete tu. kak nadia, orang nak A leh x? hihihi...habis lab tu rasa lapar lak, ye la seharian tgk seafood atas meja makmal tu..


aku bergerak ke EXAM Hall dpn DTC tu. first time ambik test kat sana. guess what i'm LOST!x penah dlm sejarah hidup sesat time nak p ujian. dorg pun satu, p tukar venue last minit.exam HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE td mmy cambest.walaupun soklan ntah pape, dpt gak la aku menembak sambil menjeling meja seblah. aku berduet ngan mira time jwb test tu. konpem result kitorg flyin kaler...

byk soklan rome empire n ptolemy. grasias dr. paul lettinck. hehehe...


tadi ada p usha PESTA TANGLUNG BESTARI jap. nak tolong syaf utk gerai JKPAI tu. hurm...kalo compare ngan dulu, pesta tanglung kat KMPP lagi best la. meriah n pengisian yg cambest.

hari berikutnya,


i'm so tired...

hari esok pasti lebih interesting!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

pagi yang sunyi..

9th September 2008
8:31 am Tuesday

aku lapar..
aku sejuk..
aku sunyi..
vetebrate kat blakang aku ni sakit..

AKU TAK SUKA lapar, sejuk, SUNYI DAN sakit....
aku tak ske combination sume ni..
sume ni mcm petanda x baik utk hari ni.
lab bio kul 10am n test sfs ptg ni.

wish me luck~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

salam takziah


Farah Fatin bt Jamil

may paah rest in peace, InsyaAllah...

seorang demi seorang rakan ku pergi... kali ni giliran paah.
mengingatkan kita yg Allah leh ambik kita bila2 masa ja.
life's short so use it well...

aku kenal arwah time kat kmpp tru wanda. she's a nice sister.
x penah marah, x penah moody, always smile..
dulu slalu panggil arwah kak ipar dlm usaha nak ngorat adik arwah.
baru tau arwah sakit cuti aritu, dah janji nak pi hukm ngan wanda
but its seem i can't make it. on 3rd sept she left us...

arwah, wanda n me

arwah n adek

sesungguhnya pemergian mu di bulan Ramadhan
penuh barakah...moga mendapat tempat disisi Allah
dan para shuhada. amin~

Friday, September 5, 2008

"seminggu seblom kemari"

a week before the registration, i went to my old school "SMKSAA" to take my'SIJIL SPM'.hurmm..who else come with me ek??? if i was not mistaken it is megat, naguib, haida shiori,nasihah, umie sakura and ana. at there i met all my clasmate (mostly chinese & indian) where they still doing their upper six form. when look at them studying in the classmake me miss of my old time at school. but if i was ask to go back study at school iwill say NO.. no more school's rules!!

all the teachers asked my friends and i "korang skrg dpt study kat mane??". first it is difficult fo me to answer it. yela my friends said they got appliedchemistry, food tecnology la, enginering la, veterinar la and when it come to methey will say " BioChem UM? pedia tu??? xpe la bunyi cambes.." adeh... it is hard to explain it to them and usually i will say "ala blaja benda biasa2 je bio kimia pastunanti leh wat dadah...". haha... drugs inventor!! but my teachers doesn't worry if i become one, the just 'bising' bout what happen to all my friends. they changed a lot..and the obvious one is haida. the last time i saw her at the school when we are takingpaper 3 biology and that was in 2006. in 2008 i met her without a 'tudung'!! hurm...actually that is not my prob so i dont care she want to wear it or not.. but the funny thinghappen when we met our teachers. most of them will ask "mane tudung ko aida oii???".paling haru skali bila jumpa ustaz..luckly for haida, she have a big good looking friend (which is me) where she can hide behind my back. haha... its fun listen to a lecture from ustazah with her..

back to the preparation for my bachelor, there are not many things that i should do. i justhave to prepare some documents and do my medical test. and the rest i just use allmy stuffs during my matriculation. i bought some new clothes (i burned all mymatric lecture shirt already hehe..).
i'm not so worry bout all the preparation because i can get the thing that i don't havelater. hurm... i'm just think a lot bout what i will going through at UM! :)